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Guru Peyarchi Special

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Jothidamani K V Thiruvengadam (M.com., D. Pharm, D.A) hails from a distinguished family of noted astrologers. He presents the Astrology column in a brilliant and effective manner for readers of this website tamilnadudotcom.com week after week:

Online consultancy:

While weekly predictions come free on this site, those who wish to seek specific and detailed answers to maximum of five of their questions, should send copy of their horoscope, and give full name and address, with contact number and e mail id, also specifying place and date of birth as also time of birth.

This should be sent by mail (with scanned documents and questions) or by post to R. Rangaraj, New No. 19, Aziz Nagar First Street, Kodambakkam, Chennai 600024 (phone 9841010821).

Tamilnadudotcom.com will arrange for the replies to be sent to such readers who pay for the detailed answers. Those in India should pay Rs 250 each for examination of a horoscope and replies, while those abroad have to pay Rs 1,500, by DD/cheque payable at par in Chennai  in favour of Fast Forward Solutions.


By Jothidamani K V Thiruvengadam

In accordance with Vaakiya panchaaangam 28.5.2013, Tuesday, night 9.10 p.m. (naazhigai 38.15), Guru Bhagwan (Jupiter) moves from Rishaba raasi to Midhuna raasi. I pray to Guru Bhagwan to bestow happiness and all good things in life on all my brothers and sisters throughout the world.

Mesha Raasi (Aswini, Bharani, Kathigai 1st Paadham)

For the people belonging to Mesha Raasi, who have the blessings of Mangala Sevvaazh (Mars), the beginning of this week is extremely good. Kethu Bhagwan, Suriyan who is in the 2nd place, Sevvaazh (Mars), Guru (Jupiter) and Sukran (Venus) –all four planets have got together and are in one place. As a result, unexpected benefits will accrue.

Workers/employees:  It would be better to be in the good books of the boss and not antagonise him. Those who are on the look-out for another job, please consider putting it off for some time.

Business: As Sani Bhagwan (Saturn) is in a reigning position in the 11th place, businessmen will make good gains and will make hay while the sun shines.

Women:  For unmarried women, opportunities will come knocking at your doors. Married women should maintain good relations with husbands and carry out their instructions. As a result, family will be united and gain strength.

Parikaaram: Worship of Amman is essential.

Rishaba Raasi: (Krithigai 2nd, 3rd, 4th paadham, Rohini, Mirugaseerisham 1st and 2nd paadham),

You have the blessings of Sukran. All four planets of Suriyan, Sevvaazh (Mars), Guru and Sukran, are all united. Therefore, you are extremely fortunate. On May 28, 2013, at 9.10 p.m., Guru Bhagwan (Jupiter) moves from Rishaba raasi to Midhuna raasi. Still, in view of Chandraashtam, it is advisable to reduce anger and to be careful in all dealings.

Workers/employees: Suriyan is strong in the 10th house, and therefore some people may see a shift. For some others, a promotion with additional monetary benefits is round the corner.

Businessmen:  Be careful while withdrawing money from the bank or during cash transactions with others. In general, business will be on as usual.

 Women:  Why not reduce talk and concentrate on action? Avoid buying and wearing jewellery at night.

Chandrashtam Days: Chandraashtam is from 7.54 p.m. on May 26, 2013, to 10.17 p.m. on May 28, 2013.

Parikaaram: In the morning, light a gingelly oil lamp for Ganapathy. You can then make an offering (naivedhyam) of Kondai Kadalai.

Midhuna Raasi

(Mirugaseeritam 3rd paadham, Thiruivaadhirai, Punarpoosam 1,2 and 3rd paadham)

For Midhuna Raasis who have the blessings of Budhan bhagwan (Mercury), please note that Guru Bhagwan moves from Rishaba raasi to Midhuna raasi at 9.10 p.m. on May 28, 2013. For an entire year, he will deliver good tidings. Therefore, life will fine from now on.

For students: You will get the courses you want in the desired colleges. Several will find that the orders for admission in colleges overseas, for which they had been waiting for quite some time, will be on the way by email. Students should avoid travel on footboards of buses.

Chandraashtam days: From May 28, 2013, to May 30, 2013.


Employees/workers: Try not to antagonise your superiors or owners, and make an effort to get along with them this week.

Businessmen: For good prospects in business, worship Perumal and Suikran bhagwan (Venus) every morning.

Women: Take care while talking/mixing with girls/women who are your neighbours. Try and reduce wasteful expenditure.

Kadaga Raasi: (Punarpoosam 4th paadham, Poosam, Aayilyam)

Those belonging to Kadaga Raasi which has strong ruler in Chandran, please note that this week Guru bhagwan comes to 12th house. Kathu is in 10th. Don’t worry. Guru bhagwan will always bring good results. The positions of other planets is also good. Even those who had stayed away in the past, will come rushing to you to provide assistance.

Women: You should definitely take steps to avoid wasteful expenditure.

Students: For those of you who have written exams, it will be victory after victory from now onwards.

Employees: Don’t make efforts for a new job. Try to exercise patience and continue in the present job.

Need for care on the following days: You have to be extra careful during journeys from May 30, 2013, to June 2, 2013.

Parikaaram: Light a lamp and pray to Lord Dakshinamurthi on Thursdays.

Simma Raasi (Maga, Poosam, Uthiram 1st paadham)

Those belonging to Simma Raasi who have the blessings of Surya bhagwan, pleas e note that this week Guru bhagwan (Jupiter) moves to Laaba position from 11th. From now onwards, your life will be full of happiness.

Women: Wives who are separated from husbands will re-unite with them and be happy. Girls will find marriages getting fixed.

Employees: You will shortly receive orders for another job which will provide the salary you were looking for. Some will have the opportunity to go abroad.

Businessmen: This week will be especially good for you and your family. Even debts which were once considered doubtful for recovery will come your way.

Parikaaram: As June 2, 2013, will be observed as Chandraashtam day, special prayers should be offered to Lord Suriyan . You can also read slokas of Adityahrudaya stothram.

Kanni Raasi (Uthiram 2, 3, 4th paadham, Hastham, Chithirai 1, 2nd paadham)

The people of Kanni Raasi who have the blessings of Budhan (Mercury), please note that Guru Bhagwan (Jupiter) comes to 10th house. Sani is joines by Rahu. You don’t have to worry at all. Guru bhagwan, since he is looking at you, will bring about big changes for you.

Employees: Some will get promotion. Change of job is likely.

Women: Take care of jewellery, cash and so on.

Businessmen: Don’t go for additional stock just because prices have come down.

Parikaaram: Light a gingelly oil lamp for Guru bhagwan on Thursday.

Thulaa Raasi (Chithirai 2,3rd paadham, Swathi, Vishakam 1, 2 3rd paadham)

For those Thulaa Raasi citizens who benefit by the grace of Sukran (Venus), Sani and Rahu are high at Janmam. From May 28, 2013, Guru bhagwan will be at 9th house. This will bring about unexpected benefits through father.

Employees: With Guru in 9th house, this will be a good period.

Businessmen: Even at the beginning of the week, Suriyan who is at 11th house is joined by Sevvaazh (Mars) and Sukran (Venus).

Women:  Women can buy and wear Dasgiragai and platinum which they like.


Vrichiga Raasi (Visaakam 4th paadham, Anusham, Kaettai)

Vrichiga Raasi citizens must remember that already 7.5 Sani is on. You must also be worried that Guru bhagwan lands at Ashtam from May 28, 2013. If prayers are offered to Sani bhagwan and Guru bhagwan the proper way, it will be possible to reduce the suffering.

Employees: Don’t give too much attention to the pain. It would be better to follow your superiors’ instructions.

Women:Don’t be misled by others into investing money in wrong pursuits.

Businessmen:Tread cautiously. Don’t rush into big projects.

Dhanush Raasi (Moolam, Pooraadam, Uthiraadam 1st paadham)

Dhanush Raasi citizens who have the blessings of Guru, should remember that already Sani bhagwan is in 11th house of ‘laabam’ is together with Rahu. Now, Guru bhagwan has come to a good place. Therefore, those belonging to Dhanush Raasi will have a very good time.

Employees: At the 10th house, Budhan and Guru have come together. Superiors will to some extent get along well with you.

Businessmen: This week will see good profits both for wholesalers and retailers.

Women: Girls, looking forward to marriage, will find many proposals knocking at the door. Ties between husband and wife will strengthen.

Magara Raasi (Uthiraadam 2nd paadham, Thiruvonam, Avittam 1, 2nd paadham)

Magara Raasi citizens who have the blessings of Sani bhagwan, can find that Sani is on a high at 10th house and is in the company of Rahu. You need not worry that Guru bhagwan has come to 6th house. This week will be a moderate week.

Employees: Don’t sign without reading whatever is put up to you for signature at your work place.

Businessmen: Don’t take hasty decisions which could end up being wrong ones. Profits will be only moderate.

Women: Take care of your school bag and properties. Don’t be careless about your health.

Parikaaram: Light a gingelly oil lamp on Thursday for Guru, and on Saturday for Anjaneyar.

Kumbam Raasi (Avittam 3, 4th paadham, Sadhayam, Purattaadhi 1, 2, 3, 4th paadham)

Kumba Raasi citizens who have the blessings of Sani bhagwan, will find that in the 4th house, Suriyan, Sevvaazh and Sukran will join hands to provide several benefits. In association with Guru bhagwan who will move to 5th place, more benefits will be conferred.

Students: Some may go abroad for higher studies.

Parents: This is the week when everyone will get together through special occasions.

Women: The worry that not enough horoscopes and proposals are coming for daughter’s wedding, is misplaced as shortly there will be good news of a proposal.

Businessmen: Excellent week ahead. Yet be careful in cash dealings.

Meenam Raasi (Purataadhi 4th paadham, Uthirattaadhi, Revathi)

Kind-hearted Meenam Raasi citizens, please note that hot winds and Sani had been taking a heavy toll. However, from May 28, 20913, Guru bhagwan will come to 4th house and will speedily wipe your tears. So don’t worry. This is a good time to identify who are the good people.

Elders: Event hose who were bed-ridden will find their health improving vastly after treatment.

Employees: The days of working with anxiety are over. Do not go in for new ventures.

Women: While undertaking a journey, take good care of your belongings like cell phone, cash and jewellery.

Parikaaram: Go around Anjaneyar deity on Saturdays. Do a neivedhyam of curd rice and offer it as prasadam to others.




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